Welcome to Om Yoga

Why practice yoga?


Yoga is a joining together of all the elements of oneself, body, breath, mind and soul. The process of yoga is to rebalance, to centre ones thoughts and to be connected to oneself in a harmonious way. Yoga is a process of self-transformation.

What are the benefits of yoga?



The most notable short term reward to practicing yoga is the 'feel good‘ effect. Through the practice of connecting all the elements of one’s being, one very important reward is that of peacefulness on many levels. 


Physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits will create feelings of relaxation, happiness and wholeness.Yoga is much more than physical exercise; yoga is a beautiful way of living.


Integrating the exercises, breathing, relaxation and meditation into everyday living can achieve the rewards of yoga. Practicing Yoga allows physical tensions to be worked out, calmness of mind and emotions to reside.


Yoga will help to increase flexibility, improve balance and joint mobility, strengthen and tone muscles, create more energy and mindfulness.Ultimately your practice of yoga gives you joy.


Do you want to reach harmony?

Please feel free to contact me, I would love to hear from you!